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A Recap of Fall 2023

Heading into this semester... We were ready to get to work.


Legislative Leadership

Before setting about legislating, the SGA legislature elected their leadership. These leaders are responsible for running meetings and overseeing the legislative process, ensuring that all voices are heard and decisions are made effectively and efficiently.

Pictured from left to right:

-Elise Donnellan: Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention

-Eliav Hamburger: Speaker of the Legislature

-Shulamit Frenkel: Parliamentarian

-Adrianna Giuliani: Speaker Pro Tempore


Executive Leadership

The new executive board went about putting together the Executive Cabinet and the Office of the President, which work in tandem with the legislature to run committees and bring bills through to completion. Nitya also set up the Committee on Financial Affairs and launched the new ELMS training modules. Meghana helped set up the UMPD Student Advisory Council and the Student IT Advisory Committee.


Annual Safety Walk

For nearly 20 years, SGA has conducted a Safety Walk across campus, dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our facilities. The inspection revealed various issues, such as malfunctioning lights, inaccessible ramps, insufficient stop signs, and deficiencies in crosswalks and pedestrian accessibility. In collaboration with the University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD), Residence Hall Association (RHA), and Department of Transportation Services (DOTS), we formulated recommendations for both UMD and the City Council. In 2023 we covered three distinct routes: North Campus, South Campus, and Old Town. Among the recommendations presented were requests for increased central funding and the installation of additional signage to enhance safety measures.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 201054.png

Key Legacy
Advisory Board


Fulfilling a vote in a referendum in the 2021 SGA Elections, the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion established a committee to investigate the renaming of Francis Scott Key Hall. DEI has brought together graduate students, other student groups, and SGA Representatives. After its investigation, the committee will create a formal report on whether the committee believes the hall should be renamed.


Extended Thanksgiving Break

The UMD SGA, RHA, and SGA collaborated to advocate for an extended Thanksgiving Break from the UMD administration and foster ongoing discussions surrounding AI and Fall Break. This provided a must needed respite for students during a busy semester and set the footing for future conversations about preventing burnout during the fall semester, where students do not have a break until Thanksgiving.


Reclaim the Red Culminating Event


The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee hosted the SGA's Annual Reclaim the Red Culmination Event, which took place on November 14th from 5-8PM. This event concluded the Reclaim the Red campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about the Red Zone. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about campus resources, sex, consent, and relationships, and participate in sex toy raffles. Additionally, free ice cream from Maryland Dairy was provided.

Student Groups
Leadership Summit


The Student Groups Committee held a leadership summit that drew over 400 attendees. UMD's students learned valuable leadership skills, how to apply for SGA funds, how to interact with SORC, and how to grow membership for the spring. Food was catered from various restaurants around Stamp.


Mobility Improvements


The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure spent the fall overseeing progress on and supporting UMD's Bikeways bike lanes project, creating stickers that link directly to DOTS's Bike Rack Repair and Request Form, launching SafeStride, College Park, monitoring the construction of bike paths along the Purple Line, revamping the SGA's Crash Reporting Form, and investing in temporary infrastructure on campus.


Testudo Food Drive

SGA, RHA, SALC, and GSG partnered together to donate non-perishable food items at the Testudo statue in front of McKeldin Library. These organizations sought to establish this as a tradition to battle the too-common food insecurity on campus.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 201215.png

Health and Wellness 

The Health and Wellness and DEI committees wrote letters of affirmation and distributed free gender-affirming garments aimed at UMD's LGBTQ+ community. The Executive Board also collaborated with GSG and the Health Center to provide insurance coverage for all UMD students, regardless of their insurer status. Additionally, events were organized to promote sexual health resources on campus.


Elections: Internal and External

In light of College Park's city council and mayoral elections, the Civic Engagement and Governmental Affairs committee, in conjunction with the SGA City Council liaisons, held a town hall with all the candidates. Additionally, SGA's annual minibus witnessed the most comprehensive election reform in the organization's history, conducted in about 18 hours!

Screenshot 2024-02-19 201415.png

Other Projects 

Provided Feedback on the Demolition of Campus Village Shoppes

Advised on the Veo ride curfew

Allocated about $350,000 to over 400 student groups

Purchased Student Outreach Resources

Held an IGNITE Chapter “Elect Her” Panel

Supported a US Holocaust Museum Exhibit Visit

Called for a Shuttle Bus Audit

Started a ​Naxalone training partnership with SPH

Purchased Drink Testing Kits

Publicized Hispanic Heritage Month

Promoted Financial Literacy

Recognized World AIDS Day

Promoted Legal Resources to Undocumented Students

Changed UMPD Mental Health Policy

Established an Off-Campus Living Survey

Fought Higher Shuttle-UM Fees

Oversaw Chapel Renovations

Funded a Free HIV Testing Event

Spring 2024, here we come!

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