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Reclaim the Red Club Contest
Reclaim the Red

#ReclaimtheRed ​

This fall semester, SGA is encouraging students to #ReclaimtheRed.

What is the Red Zone?

Studies show a spike in the number of sexual assaults during the period of time from the start of the semester until Thanksgiving Break. Up to 50% of college sexual assaults take place during this time — a period of time that has since been deemed “The Red Zone.” Experts postulate this may be a result of students being in a new environment, without formed social groups, and students experimenting with drugs and alcohol for the first time. 


How are we reclaiming it?

This campaign aims to empower students to #ReclaimtheRed — repurpose this time in the year as a time to learn about the issue of sexual misconduct, consent, and healthy relationships, and how they can work to end the Red Zone.


How can I help?

  • Educate yourself about sexual assault, how to be an ally, and how to work to support survivors.

  • Share information with peers about sexual assault prevention and campus resources.

  • Change your FaceBook profile picture to our #ReclaimtheRed.

  • Participate in our Red Zone Club Contest.


Where can I learn more?

Avoiding the Red Zone (Inside Higher Ed)

Rape, Assault at College (USA Today)

CARE to Stop Violence Office

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Join us in reclaiming the Red Zone

Are you a student group? Do you want to work to prevent sexual violence on campus?
Do you want a chance to win $500 for doing so? Look no further — the Red Zone Club Contest is here!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Your student group participates in one of the activities listed below.

  2. A member of your student group fills out a Google with proof you completed the activity at

  3. For each activity, your group will receive one entry into the contest. The contest closes November 20, 2019, and the winner will be chosen and announced the following day.


Activities that will earn your group an entry:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA PUSH:  Let your followers know about the Red Zone! Share the UMD SGA description of the Red Zone (from our social media!), and the Red Zone pledge on your social media. Then, post a photo of your student group wearing all red and explain why your student group is joining us in reclaiming the red! Each post should include the tag #ReclaimtheRed and the UMD SGA should be tagged. The post with the most likes will receive an additional entry!

  2. CARE PRESENTATION:  Host a CARE presentation! CARE presentations vary in topic and can be requested for free on the Health Center website. Make sure at least 10 members are in attendance to get an entry.

  3. TABLING:  Complete at least two hours of tabling related to sexual misconduct prevention — talking to students about resources on campus and how to be an ally. Entries will not be awarded for groups who table and advocate for ineffective risk reduction methods (ie. How to protect yourself, etc.). Activities for tabling are highly recommended to come from the UMD SGA’s Red Zone Tabling Activities Guide. (Unlimited entries with this option!)

  4. INVITE US:  Invite a member of the SGA Sexual Misconduct Prevention Leadership Team to come discuss the campaign with your group for at least ten minutes, and explain how you all can get involved. Reach out to us at

  5. DISCUSSION:  Host a discussion with your student group (to last at least 40 minutes) about sexual assault on campus and what you can do to stop it, and to be allies to survivors of sexual violence. Please feel free to reach out to the UMD SGA or the CARE to Stop Violence Office for resources for this discussion.


As always, please feel free to reach out to the SGA Director of Sexual Misconduct Prevention at, or stop by our office with any questions. Can’t wait to #ReclaimtheRed with all of you!

Red Zone Club Cotest

Red Zone Club Contest

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