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Information for Student Groups


The first step in becoming eligible to apply for funding from the Student Government Association is to make sure that your group's registration is Active in TerpLink. The registration process is managed by the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) and detailed information on the registration process can be found on their website.


Groups must meet the following criteria to receive SGA Recognition:

1: Your student group must be non-exclusive.

2: Your student group must be non-discriminatory.

3: Your group must not charge dues.

4: Your group must have at least 25 members.

5: Your group must comprise of 75% undergraduates.


Use the link below to check whether your group was approved for SGA Recognition. If your group was denied, the reasons for the denial are provided in the linked document. You can contact the SGA Student Groups Committee with any questions or concerns: We will be happy to work with you to clarify what changes need to be made to qualify for SGA recognition.


The second step is to complete the SGA Finance Committee Budget Training in ELMS. The ELMS training can be accessed on the SGA Finance Committee website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SGA Recognition?

SGA recognition is required for student groups to be eligible to apply for SGA funding. To qualify for SGA recognition, your group must meet our guidelines that are outlined here:

Where does SGA get the money they supply to student groups?
The money comes from all undergraduate students' mandatory fees, precisely the Student Activities Fee. Your student group must receive recognition from SGA before requesting funds because all students pay this fee, so it is necessary to verify that your student group is accessible to all students.

What is SORC?

The Student Org Resource Center (SORC) assists student groups on campus. It plans the annual First Look Fair and Second Look Fair and controls Terplink. If you have questions related to these topics, please contact SORC at

Why do I need recognition?

​If you’d like to apply for SGA funding, you need SGA recognition. Other benefits of SGA recognition include access to events planned by the SGA student group committee and opportunities for other funding sources.

​How often does my student group need to apply for recognition?
We start fresh every academic school year, so you will need to apply annually. Periods go from fall to fall and spring to spring.

Can I request SGA Recognition at any point in the year? 

Yes, SGA recognition is based on a rolling admissions process. At the beginning of the school year if your group is registered with Sorc, then your group will automatically be reviewed for SGA recognition. However, if your group is not on this list, you can request SGA recognition anytime. To do so, all you need to do is email to inform us of the name of your group and request your group to be reviewed. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the status of your group.

How can I check if my group is SGA recognized? 

You can check your group's status on our public spreadsheet right here: We consistently update this spreadsheet to accurately reflect a club’s status. 

How can I appeal a denial for recognition?

​If your group was denied SGA recognition and you’d like to appeal this decision, please email and explain why you feel your group should receive SGA recognition or inform us of any changes you made to reflect your rejection. We will get back to you about your status as soon as possible.

Why was my student group denied recognition?
There are multiple reasons why this might be. The most common reasons are that your student group did not have at least 25 undergraduate members, that your group requires dues for active, voting membership, and/or that your group is exclusionary in some way.

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions regarding SGA recognition, you can email If you have any questions regarding SGA funding, you can email If you have any questions regarding registering your club on Terplink and with SORC, please contact

If this page does not answer your question, please take a look at our Student Groups handbook.

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