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Service begins in January and runs Monday through Friday

Offers free assistance to full-time undergraduates at UMD

Course evaluations are how professors evaluate their performance and how students give feedback


 AAP administers several programs that provide access and retention support services to undergraduate students.


Provides funding for physical improvements that enhance the student experience at the University of Maryland


Provides recommendations to administration about student access to technology

DOTS is responsible for managing and maintaining approximately 16,500 parking spaces at UMD and on this site you can appeal tickets


Here to help students navigate the financial aid process and understand their options


The University Health Center is staffed by over 100 diverse college health and wellness professionals who serve a myriad of student, staff and faculty needs


General Education at the University of Maryland serves to unite the intellectual and creative goals that  define UMD education

Largest university library system in the Washington D.C.-Baltimore area

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