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Student Group Resources

Stamp Marketing
​Stamp Marketing is a free resource for any student organization, Stamp unit, outside client, or academic department seeking to host an event within Stamp. Their services include graphic design, marketing, chalking, flyers, social media, listserv outreach, and many more options! You can visit their website
HERE to learn more and get in contact/request services.
Canva is an easy-to-use design website that can be used to design posters, social media content, invitations, blogs, presentations, and more. Visit Canva

Alternative Funding Options
SEE Funding
SEE funding behaves similarly to SGA funding, but groups who receive funding from SEE become co-sponsors of their event with SEE. For more information, please visit the SEE website
HERE. This link includes a slide deck with information about the SEE Funding Board. The SEE Funding Board Application can be found HERE.

Pepsi Grant
Through the Pepsi Enhancement Fund, $50,000 is available each semester to student groups, departments and offices to underwrite the cost of programs that broadly affect the campus population. Calls for proposals go out twice a year, once a semester; funds are given out for the subsequent semester. More information can be found

Facilities Fund
The Student Facilities Fund provides funding for student-supported facilities projects and improvements that will positively impact and enhance the student experience at UMD. Project proposals should enhance the student experience, influence student safety, or enhance academic opportunities. Projects should be feasible and supported by appropriate campus individuals and entities. More information can be found

Sustainability Fund
The Student Sustainability Fund offers grants over $2,000 and mini-grants under that amount. Projects should promote environmental sustainability and positively impact and enhance the student experience at UMD. More information can be found

MICA Cross-Cultural Program Grants
This fund is a resource for student groups planning cross-cultural events/ experiences. The fund encourages creativity and collaboration between students and student groups. In addition to financial support, MICA staff members are willing to work with those requesting funds to develop ideas and assist in forming partnerships with other students or student groups. More information can be found

Room Reservations & Locker Rentals
Stamp Student Union Room Reservations
Registered student organizations may pay to rent space of varying sizes in the Stamp Student Union. More information on that process and prices can be found

The Stamp Student Union also provides, at a cost, technical services to utilize in their rooms, such as video services, audio equipment, and more. More information and pricing can be found HERE.

Stamp Student Union Student Organization Meeting Rooms
In the Student Involvement Suite inside Stamp, student organizations may book meeting rooms for 8 to 30 people free of charge. You may rent space for general body meetings, executive meetings, and any other meetings your student organization may need. Use the E-Calendar system to reserve rooms up to a month in advance, found

Riggs Alumni Center Room Reservations
Similar to Stamp, student organizations may pay to rent space at the Riggs Alumni Center. Riggs prices are higher, but their spaces have a more classic aroma. Something to keep in mind, however, is that student rates are not applicable on Fridays after 5 p.m., Saturdays, or Sundays. More information and pricing may be found

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (CSPAC) Reservations
Student organizations may utilize CSPAC for several events, such as performances, receptions, meetings, and practices. More information and pricing can be found

Stamp Student Union Locker Space Rentals
The Stamp Student Union houses 150 lockers for rental to University of Maryland students, staff, and visitors. The lockers provide a great space in the heart of campus to store student organization's belongings between use. The price of the rental is $35 per semester. You can bring your lock or buy one from the university for $5. More information on Stamp's lockers and the whole renting process can be found

Equipment Rentals
McKeldin Library TLC Equipment Loan Program
​Through the TLC Equipment Loan Program, students can rent various electronic equipment from the UMD libraries, including computers, chargers, tablets, video and/or photography cameras, and more. More information can be found

Hornbake Library Media Services Equipment
Students may rent media services equipment such as projectors, tape recorders, speakers, tripods, and more through these services. More information can be found

Stamp Equipment Lending Program
Students from the Transfer to Terp (T2T) learning community may rent laptops and video cameras from Stamp. More information can be found

SORC Free Student Group Printing
Each student group is granted free printing and copying (up to $100) in the Student Involvement Suite, located in Stamp. An organization-specific username and password are required to print, both of which can be found by signing in HERE. Visit the Student Involvement Suite during its
 hours of operation and utilize the computers next to the front desk to print.


Student Group Mixer Slides

SORC Slides

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