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Welcome to the SGA Student Group Recognition Process! Here you can find all the information you will need to make your student group SGA recognized.

Click the button below to check your group's recognition status.

Registration Checklist 

SGA recognition is done through the SORC registration and re-registration applications. In order to apply for SGA recognition for the Fall 2020 semester, fill out the SORC registration or re-registration form (located on TerpLink) for your student group by October 1st, 2020.


You can do this by following the steps below.  


Step 1: Log into TerpLink.

Step 2: Go to your org’s page on TerpLink. 

Step 3: Click on “manage organization” on the top right of the page (you must be logged in to do this). 

Step 4: You will be redirected to a new page. You should see the following notification asking you to re-register or register your org at the top of the new page. The following is an example of what you would see for an org that needs to be SORC re-registered:







Please visit the SORC Registration Checklist if you do not see this notification.

Step 5: Clicking on the blue box that says “re-register this organization” or “register this organization” will bring you to the SORC re-registration or registration application. 

Step 6: When filling out the SORC registration or re-registration form, select "yes" for the question that asks "Does your student organization wish to apply for SGA Recognition?" Once you do that, your student group's constitution will be reviewed by the SGA’s Committee on Student Groups. 

Step 7: Your SGA recognition status will be posted on the SGA website through the link above. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SGA recognition?
SGA recognition is a process by which we verify you meet our requirements to apply for funding.

Are there any benefits of SGA recognition besides funding?
here to view benefits of being SGA recognized. SGA recognition does not impact your student group's ability to maintain your TerpLink portal, rent rooms, etc.

How often does my student group need to apply for recognition?
Every academic school year we start fresh, so you will need to apply annually.

Once I've applied, when will I know if my student group has been approved or denied?

You will know no later than a week after the deadline.

Where does SGA get the money they supply to student groups?
The money comes from all undergraduate students' mandatory fees, specifically the Student Activities Fee. Your student group must receive recognition from SGA before requesting funds because all students pay this fee, so it is necessary to verify that your student group is accessible to all students.

Why was my student group denied recognition?
There are multiple reasons why this might be. The most common reasons are your student group did not have at least 25 undergraduate members, your group requires dues for active, voting membership, and/or your group is exclusionary in some way.


If you'd like to chat more about your recognition status, please email

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