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Ireland is holding up The Diamondback newspaper that reads "Lesley to be next SGA President".
On April 17, 2019, Ireland Lesley was elected to be the next Student Body President of UMD.
Pictured are Ireland Lesley, Jennifer Miller, and Doron Tadmor.
Along with Ireland, Doron Tadmor (student affairs), Alana Caesar (academic affairs), and Benjamin Cohen  (financial affairs) were also elected to be vice presidents.
The new SGA officially swore into office on May 7, 2019.
Top: Ireland takes the oath of office.
Bottom: Alana Caesar (left), Doron Tadmor (center), Ben Cohen (right) take the oath of office.
The next day, on May 8, 2019, the Student Government Association officially met for the first meeting.
During this meeting, the Legislature elected Speaker David Rekhtman (center), Speaker Pro Tempore Kislay Parashar (right), and Coordinator for Recruitment and Retention Margaret Attridge (left).
They also had the opportunity to confirm the cabinet members. Visit here to see the cabinet members today.
This was just a beginning to something greater.


Student Affairs
September 23, 2019
Safety of our students is important for us.
For over 15 years, SGA has sponsored a safety walk with UMPD and the City of College Park to keep our streets safe at night. 
This year, we partnered with other student organizations like RHA, ODK, PHA, IFC, and more. You can read the 2019 Campus Safety Report here.
At the forefront of our semester-long accomplishments was the Reclaim the Red campaign. 


Sexual Misconduct Prevention
October 1, 2019 - November 21, 2019
To Reclaim the Red, we launched a massive social media campaign and hosted events & club contests to raise awareness on the gravity of these issues. 
SGA brought to light the prevalent issue of the rise of sexual misconducts committed on college campuses between the months of August and November--the period of time known as the “Red Zone”. 
Top: PGCTV interviewed Elena Levan, Director of Sexual Misconduct Prevention on what Reclaim the Red is.
Bottom: Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee getting a picture together after the last event of the campaign.
Through this campaign, over 30 student groups participated in the club contest and allowed the SGA to speak to more than a dozen campus organizations throughout two months of the campaign.
To learn more about this campaign, read our website page here. Read also The Diamondback article on the last event of the campaign, Moving Forward, here.
What goes on in the City of College Park matters a lot for UMD students. SGA hosted the mayoral debate so that students could
gain insight into who the next mayor should be.


Civic Engagement
October 28, 2019
You can watch the livestream here.
SGA took it upon itself to engage the UMD students in city politics through voting in city elections. In fact, Between August 8, 2019 and October 8, 2019,  SGA and TerpsVote have made 496 sign-ups (registrations + absentee ballot requests + voting text reminders)
Top: Mayor of College Park Patrick Wojahn (incumbent) meets other council members
Bottom: Students interacting
before the debate.


Alumni Relations & Tradition
October 29, 2019
Old Bay seasoned crabs characterize Marylander diet more than any others.
We helped Dining Services to host the crab feast with purchasing and setting up the equipment necessary to help students experience the iconic tradition of Maryland.


Alumni Relations & Tradition
November 3, 2019
SGA has officially entered a new century this past year, as we celebrated the 100th year of serving students in University of Maryland.
We hosted the past and current members of SGA and reflected on our past century, and promised to carry on their legacy of serving students.
Check out more pictures here.


Governmental Affairs
November 14, 2019
SGA, with cooperation from ABTS (Association of Big Ten Students), sought to advocate to the United States Congress for broader issues that affect UMD students.
On this Day of Action, we informed students on the importance and impacts of the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act. 
Watch our Facebook Live here.
Read our demands here.


Student Groups
November 14, 2019
Nothing unites all sides quite like board games. 
SGA and MICA invited student groups to put away their differences and interact with other student groups at our Student Group Game Night.


Health & Wellness
November 17, 2019
SGA has also worked to save people’s lives literally.
We have subsidized the CPR training led by professional trainers for UMD students so that they could perform CPR on people in case of emergency. 
This training also opens more job/internship opportunities for students in their future with their CPR certificates


Health & Wellness
November 18, 2019
SGA invited representatives from Planned Parenthood, Pregnancy Aid Center, and the University Health Center to our annual birth control town hall. 
Read an article by Devon Milley
(a contributor for Her Campus UMD) here.


Governmental Affairs
November 19, 2019
SGA hosted State Senator James Rosapepe, State Delegates Mary Lehman, Joseline Peña-Melnyk, and Julian Ivey at a town hall meeting for students.
These state legislators have shared their vision for College Park, and students had the opportunity to ask them questions. 
Watch the full livestream here.


Alumni Relations & Tradition
December 3, 2019
Students destressed before the finals exams through community service by making paper cranes and donating them to cancer patients. 
According to Japanese tradition, 1,000 orgami paper cranes will bring good luck, and we hoped they would bring hope to the ones who need the most.
Special thanks to the president of UMD origami club.
That's all the recap for Fall 2019.
We are excited to see what 2020 will bring to our lives!
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