SGA Recognition

"SGA Recognized" is a title awarded to your group if it: has more than 25 members, is not discriminatory and/or exclusionary, and does not charge mandatory dues for active, voting membership. 


All groups interested in receiving SGA funding must be SGA recognized.


To learn how to apply, read below.

Step 1 - SORC Recognition

All groups interested in receiving SGA funding must be SGA recognized. SGA recognition and SORC recognition are NOT the same. SORC recognition is required for SGA recognition. To become SORC recognized, follow the steps here. If your group already has an updated OrgSync portal, then it is SORC recognized.

Step 2 - SGA Recognition

For all student groups, when registering or renewing their SORC recognition:

Check 'Yes' on this question of the form. SGA recognition is mandatory for all groups that will request funding.

SGA will recognize your group only if it:

  • Has at least 25 undergraduate students; and,

  • Is not discriminatory and/or exclusionary; and,

  • Does not charge mandatory dues for active, voting membership.

Next Steps

Check the “SGA Recognition” spreadsheet found here, or on the Student Groups Landing Page. The spreadsheet will be updated by after the application deadlines on the following dates: x/xx x/xx

If you have been denied recognition:

  1. Fix the error in your application as described on the spreadsheet found here

  2. Resubmit your SORC application when the requested changes have been completed

  3. Make sure your group’s constitution has published to your OrgSync page (there can sometimes be a delay after submitting a new recognition application)

  4. Fill out the Google Form found here to request that your application is reviewed by the SGA Student Groups Committee. Please note that you are guaranteed recognition until the next deadline.

  5. If you are still confused about what is required for SGA Recognition, please visit the recognition office hours in the SGA office (specific times found above). These are separate from finance (funding) office hours.


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