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Welcome to SGA Recognition

Welcome to the SGA Student Group Recognition Process! Here you can find all the information you will need to make your student group SGA recognized. Please follow the below steps.

2019-2020 SGA Recognition Status

Please click the button below to view the status of groups who have applied for SGA recognition.

How to Video and Written Guide

  • ​​​Student group constitution - you should already have this, as it is required to become registered with the university. If for some reason your student group does not have a constitution yet, please follow the example shown here.

Step 4 - Apply

You're ready to go! Apply for recognition through OrgSync here: Coming Soon

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions you may contact the Director of Student Groups, M Rao, at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SGA recognition?
A: SGA recognition is a process by which we verify you meet our requirements to apply for funding.
Q: Are there any benefits of SGA recognition besides funding?
A: No, there are not. SGA recognition does not impact your student groups ability to maintain your OrgSync portal, rent rooms, etc.
Q: How often does my student group need to apply for recognition?
A: Every academic school year we start fresh, so you will need to apply annually.
Q: Once I've applied, when will I know if my student group has been approved or denied?
A: You will know no later than a week after the deadline.
Q: Where does SGA get the money they supply to student groups?
A: The money comes from all undergraduate students mandatory fees, specifically the Student Activities Fee. Your student group must receive recognition from SGA before requesting funds because all students pay this fee, so it is necessary to verify that your student group is accessible to all students.
Q: Why was my student group denied recognition?
A: There are multiple reasons why this might be. The most common reasons are your student group did not have at least 25 undergraduate members, your group requires dues for active, voting membership, and/or your group is exclusionary in some way. If you'd like to chat more about your recognition status you may email

Step 1 - Verify your student group is registered with the university and your groups information is up to date on OrgSync
​SGA recognition and being a registered student group with the university are NOT the same! To become SGA recognized your student group must first be registered with the university. What that means is that you must register your student group and make an OrgSync portal with UMD's Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), you can follow those steps

​Already registered with SORC? Please make sure your groups President and Treasurer are up to date on OrgSync, otherwise your group will not be able to receive funding later on down the line. You may follow this guide or watch this video for more information on how to update your leadership in OrgSync.

​For any questions about registering your student group or updating your information, you may contact SORC at

​Step 2 - Check to make sure your student group meets SGA's guidelines
What makes the SGA recognition process different than the university registration process is we have slightly more strict requirements. The money that the SGA provides student groups is paid for by all students in their mandatory fees, therefore it's important that any and all students have access to this pool of money, which is why we have different requirements than the university!

Student Group Requirements:

  1. Your student group must have at least 25 undergraduate students.

  2. Your student group cannot be discriminatory and/or exclusionary. Exact guidelines can be found here.

  3. Your student group cannot charge mandatory dues for active, voting membership. Voluntary individual expenses may be necessary, however, payment of dues or expenses cannot be used as criterion to determine active, voting membership.

Step 3 - Acquire the application materials

  • Student group roster - this roster must be downloaded from your student groups OrgSync page, otherwise your group will be denied recognition. Please be mindful that only your student groups President and Treasurer will be able to download the roster as they are the only ones with that capability. On your own student group's portal, here is where the downloadable roster would be located:


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